The Eternal Dress

The Eternal Dress, only because this is one of my favorite dresses and a so versatile one! I've already posted on Lookbook(way before I created this blog) a look with this dress but in a much cozier and fall-y way. Check what I mean out!

It is by H&M and I believe I bought it on sale, half price, maybe 2 years ago!
Lovin' it!

Now, about the bag. H&M again, and there used to be fringes. I had to cautiously cut them off since the bag is one of the first things I got from H&M and its pleather started wearing off and part in two or detach. I believe you can understand what I mean, if you've been there.
So I wear it "unfringed", this way! No prob!

Dress by H&M
Bag by H&M 
Sandals by Stradivarius

Change of scenery.


Peace! haha

An outfit simple as that! Hope you liked!


  1. Thank you very much , I visited your blog. It's very nice . I recommend increasing the size of the photos. And I hope you have much success !!! a hug

  2. You look gorgeous <3 Following you :) xx

  3. Beautiful! I really like your dress, and the whole look!
    New post!