Serious Addiction

Hello, hola, hallo, merhaba, γεια, to all of you! I want to share a post including one of my beloved skirts today! This is the addiction of mine! Now that it's much warmer and hotter(!) in the summer I won't be wearing it this much; or not at all, but it came to be a good fellow of mine from the moment I bought it. And by the way, it's from a local store and sewed in Greece. Or so it says! Anyway!
Here it is!

Denim Button-up by Stradivarius
Pointed Pumps by H&M
Bag by Primark
Bracelets by H&M

Love you!


  1. Love your Shirt and Skirt

    FOLLOW my Blog!!! Maybe we can follow each other!!!

    1. I just did follow your blog, FB, + and LB! Thank you very much! Like your style!

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