Goodbye, Emerald Winter

Yes, it's been too long. And yes, this is a winter look. It's an older photo shoot, but the truth is it's been too cold to be April in Thessaloniki, Greece!
Enjoy my last winter '15 look!

Knitted Mohair Scarf by H&M
Circle Skirt by Stradivarius
Ankle Boots by H&M
Bag by H&M
Sunglasses by Calvin Klein
Woolen Coat by Sprider

The sweater is my grandma's; it used to be large size but she had it washed in the washing machine and it got... my size! Small it is. I loved it when she gave it to me, the moment I realized the circle neckline, since it suits many of my chunky necklaces. This particular necklace by the way, used to embellish one of my baggy baggy Bershka pants, with a hundred of pockets on it, back when this was in fashion and I was a teenager. I now wear it as a necklace!
The skirt is a huge success. Bought it on sales and is so comfy and easy and versatile to wear! Casual, chic-er, anything.

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