Tuesday's Pick - Stradivarius Striped Top

I'm taking a look at Stradivarius site and all I can see at the "new arrivals" section is STRIPES.
So for this week's Tuesday's Pick I decided to present some stripes to you.

It's a very simple striped top in the classic marine hues, blue and white, but with a lace twist up on the front, so it's instantly made chic and more appropriate to wear even with a more formal skirt, for example.
It could be combined with a pair of shorts such as this one the model is wearing but I'd like to experiment with is this color: emerald.

Don't you thing it'd look cute together? Blue-white striped with green/emerald? Along with a little cognac brown as the photos suggest. And they can be dressed up or down, as most of the garments we buy! Just get inspired!

These are the Stradivarius new arrivals, just for your inspiration.

No, this was not sponsored and I hope you like my suggestions!
Thanks for stopping by!
Love, Jo.

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