Sheinside Haul!

A few pieces I ordered almost 2 months ago(yes!) and came to me 10 days before, but I now have the chance to present them to you! Sheinside is a site most probably based on Hong Kong, China which sells clothes, accessories, jewelry and shoes(not so low though) at low prices. I decided I'd it give it a go and buy a few stuff I had my eyes on for quite much time, since I would notice this site everywhere on the Internet, especially on Lookbookers' posts, so I got curious.
I bet I'll order from them again sometime! I got what I expected, referring to the quality. Most of the garments I ordered one-size so it fit well. Of course, it's a downside they arrived so late, but the truth is it was the Christmas period around then, so I'll check it out next time!

Here we go!
This is the Green Sleeveless Floral Chiffon Maxi Dress.
It fits well, though I'd like it to be a little bigger on me. It's One-Size and I'm Small/36, sometimes towards 34.
It's mint green, and looks as it is on the screen.

Next one is the Apricot Long Sleeve Floral Dipped Hem Knitwear.
Its color is more like beige and not apricot and it looks a little more greyish than in the picture. Also, it has some silver-colored thread, which isn't that visible through the photos of the site. I like it! It's not too much; it looks pretty.
It's One-Size and looks a little "airy" on me, but it's not baggy at all. Normal, I'd say.

3rd one: White Spaghetti Strap Floral Chiffon Vest.
This one is my favorite of all the things I got! And I think I'll a few more in other colors and patterns! One-Size again, fits perfect(sometimes I think the back of my bra is visible but just a little so I might adjust it myself-no the straps are not adjustable), and this floral print makes my day!
It's perfect with a high-waisted skirt or jeans! Can't wait for the spring/summer to come!

4th buy: Blue White Short Sleeve Striped Chiffon Blouse.
One-Size as well, fits well. If it weren't one-side, it'd name it Large, since it's much loose, almost baggy, but that's what it makes it "one-size".

Last one: White Short Sleeve Hearts Print Chiffon Blouse.
Now this is the only one that wasn't One-Size, but Small. I checked the measurements and it at the end it seems it's the same size, exactly the same size as the striped top.
It's not white as it reads, but cream, I'd call it. And the colors of the print look exactly as I expected them to be; not too bold, not too sheer.

All in all, I'm pretty satisfied and I suggest you check it out or dare to order if you've already checked some goods on Sheinside!


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