Baby Color Blocking

Why "baby"? Just imagine this hot pink and this vibrant blue shade in pastel hues. It's the colors for babies! A random thought of mine, which I chose for the title of this outfit.

Cotton Top by Bershka
Pencil Skirt by Zara
Pointed Pumps by H&M

How much do I love pencil skirts? They elongate the body, so they immediately create a sexy silhouette. This particular one I bought from Zara, in the previous winter sales. Whenever I look at it, I know it will look best combined with more vibrant colors, such as this magenta one.
This coat! Believe it or not, I've been wearing it since I was in Elementary school! Yes, I bought it around... 2002 maybe? Maybe. I was a little chubby then and I'm slim but grown-up, so it still fits well.
The pumps I've worn so much, just because I love the trick wearing shoes and bottoms/tights of the same color so it again elongates the legs and make you look put-together.
The necklace in silver used to embellish a dress of my mom's and the pearls one used to be my grandma's.
This is it.

Thank you, Arpine, for the photos!


  1. Beautiful color combinations. You look Look fab.