Winter It Is

As much as I love autumn, winter is lovable as well. We all dress up too much, "as an onion" Greeks here say, because of the too many layers on! But remember: layering is the key to good-looking outfits, isn't it? Tank top, woolen sweater, heavy coat, chunky scarf, hat, gloves! Sometimes it's too boring getting dressed - or undress!
Anyways, here's a winter outfit.
A sleeveless, burgundy dress worn as a skirt, with grandma's old woolen sweater in light grey and the dress's old skirt. The rest is in black. No more colors are necessary!


Dress by H&M
Belt by H&M
Bag by H&M
Ankle Boots by H&M

Oh, and, the scarf is handmade! By my hands!

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