New H&M Collection - True Blues

Blue; one of my favorite colors. "And is there a color you don't like?" Oh yes, red. I don't detest it, it's just not my color. But blue is one of my favorite ones, especially when it's blended with green, creating emerald or pastel hues, such as mint. MINT!
But hey, H&M's newest collection, spring collection, from now on, is based on blue, clear blue. Royal blue and sky blue. And all of these combined with black and white. How exciting does this sound to you? It's more exciting when you see it. Colors blended perfectly, gradually escaping winter and turning into spring's clear sky.
At least I hope the sky will be clear; weather is unpredictable!
Here are some samples of the whole masterpiece.

First of all, this classic sweater, in white with black stripes, which can be worn on top of a button-up and suit pants, or a pair of bootcut jeans in order to make the difference. Because we can.

Peplum tops keep on going as it seems, and in my opinion, well done! They create an hourglass figure, even if you don't support one.

Anything better than a simple, bodycon dress in vibrant blue?
"I need something to keep me warm until the sun comes up!" Here it is! A cocoon shaped coat in baby blue! Dream on, my friend!

And the best of all, or at least my favorite part of the whole collection. Suede court shoes. Transparent heel.

How can you not be excited about this?


  1. Beautiful outfit dear!
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    1. Too late, but just checked your outfits and followed you! Thank you!