Camel Coat

This coat! Am not going to tell you how much I payed to get it; you'll freak out! I don't believe it either!

It consists of wool, it's long, it's heavy, so appropriate for such a cold season! And so stylish! It is a classic coat in camel, which suits pants and dresses, skirts and basically most of the color hues.

This pair of jeans is a really cheap one I happened to find at a local store in the summer, when I was looking for a regular or high-waist pair but it seemed I'd never find one; either because some would't fit or some would be a little expensive for me.

The same thing happened this December, when I wanted a pair of black jeans, the same rise and there'd be always something that'd get on me and I wouldn't buy one. For example, I was about to buy one from H&M but realized as I was looking at it in the mirror that the waist band was so big on my waist, while the rest of it fit perfectly on my legs. Luckily, I found one at Bershka, and cheaper! Will show you sometime!

Turtleneck Sweater by H&M
Skinny Belt by H&M
Purse by H&M
Ankle Boots by H&M

For another time, bless H&M!

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