High-Waisted Love

My love for high-waisted bottoms is rather... high! This started when I began wearing real clothes, almost five years ago, and experimenting with fashion all the way.
There's this shop in Thessaloniki(for those of you living here, here's the link) where you can buy clothes by weighing them. For example, I bought five garments(four for me and one for my mother) and it only costed 26 euros, meaning approximately five euros each garment! And guess what: it sells high brands! Of course, there's only one size for each piece, but there's a great variety, so search on!
Here's two of the pieces I bought that day(and planning to visit the store once again):
It's the over-sized sweater and this high-waisted, denim skirt.

Pleather Jacket by Stradivarius
Canvas Bag by H&M

Comfy flat boots! Really love them and have been wearing them out ever since I bought them!


  1. What a cute ensemble, love the high-waisted denim skirt! xo~ Lena

  2. everything is great but can we talk about how gorgeous your nail color is? i love it!


    1. Thank you so much! Mint blue is my favorite color!
      Lovely site!