Mandatory Choice - F21 Winter Nightdress

Yes, you can be a woman with dignity; indoors. The truth is all of us just try to be comfy and feel cozy when we're at home and not really care about what we look like in our pajamas, but why not try to be stylish on this case as well? I know you can do it!
Imagine you have a roommate, a partner in life you live with, your family, your puppy! Don't you want to show them you're a fashionista, even indoors? And even if you live alone. A (handsome) neighbor might ask you for sugar! What do you do then?
Fair Isle Nightdress; this is the solution. This week's find is from Forever21. Let's scrutinize it!

There's also a blue version, but I believe this heather grey looks more winter-y, along with the snowflakes stamp!

This cotton/polyester nightdress can be worn on its own, as a dress namely. Since it's short(of course, a longer one would look like my grandma's nightgown), you might feel cold, and I bet you'll do. I'd do. For sure.
Pair it with a random pair of leggings:
Ankle Leggings in Magenta
And a cute pair of bootie slippers!

Knitted Slippers by H&M
You can always add more layers, depending on your region's climate, your central heat system, your body's reaction to the cold. Socks, fluffy robes, undergarments etc.

See you around and keep yourself warm!

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