Classic Lines

Shirt by Primark
Pants by Toi Moi (thanks Toli!)
Sandals by H&M
Satchel by Stradivarius
Anything better than classic and elegant lines? Suit bottoms and a sheer button-up(which I didn't button up, it was hot enough not to!)?

I like many styles, but when I'm in strict looks(like this one) or the too feminine and vintage ones, I feel more like myself. I know I love THIS!

However, I like to experiment as well, so you'll see me sporting variant outfits!

Anyway, one of my best friends, Toli, gave this pair of pants to me, along with a few other old pieces of hers, as she wouldn't fit in them(sorry!). Don't worry, she's gorgeous! 
It's a little tight on me as well, but not too tight not to wear it! It's just... "firm" on me!
And the sandals I'm in love with. ♥

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