Back To August

This look dates back to August, when heat was at its peak in Thessaloniki.

For your information, girls and boys, these sandals from H&M are my favorite; they're super comfy and easy to walk in! I might have said it before on another post, I don't remember, I just feel like I have to state the fact!

And I wish I have the opportunity to visit Primark again sometime. There's no Primark in Greece (whether they decide to lunch one, I'll go bananas, I swear!) and the one I had the chance to shop by was in Frankfurt. Clothes and accessories and shoes, are dead - cheap and the quality is similar, if not the same, to other chain stores products quality, such as H&M, Bershka, Stradivarius etc. And too fashionable as well!

Check Primark out if you reach one!

Love to you!

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