Roses Are Pink

The roses of my cardigan at least.

Luckily enough, this fall has been real fall for once and not some other season. Usually, instead of spring we get early summer for example and the same thing happens for fall as well.
So, People can wear something more than just a T-shirt and something less than a woolen coat! Thus cardigan! Or jacket or a shirt on a summer top!

The particular cardigan is one of my favorites. I grabbed it when I was in Frankfurt last May, from my cousin's boutique. It must be from Italy or something. At first look you'd think a grandma would wear it. But hey! Fashion's recycled! My grandma was fashionable! I'm following her steps!
It can be easily worn with a casual outfit, to give it a twist, or with a LBD to make it stand out.
Along with one of my H&M bags and my red sneakers, jeans and rings!

Black Top by Pull&Bear
Spike Bag by H&M

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