Mandatory Choice - Grey Bodycon Cable Knit Skirt

Grey Bodycon Cable Knit Skirt. Amazing, isn't it? Look at it.
Grey Bodycon Cable Knit Skirt

The moment I checked this out, I forgot all about spring, summer, fall. Winter. Just winter. It screams winter! We've all got used to wearing knits as tops; jumpers, cardigans, scarves. But as a skirt? And just imagine pairing it with a same-colored knitted jumper! Then it'd look as a dress!
All of this inspired by Sheinside. I was planning on ordering them, and I still want to, it's just something occurred and decided to wait a little more and... skirt's out of stock! Really hoping it gets back on stock! I'd love to wear them together on a cold, winter day! 

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