H&M - Knitted Essentials

Winter's on its way and we're looking forward to wear cozy clothes. Some of us haven't yet and some already have, all due to specific areas climate. But I'm convinced that, even if we kinda detest wearing thick materials at the end of the winter/start of the spring(at least in Greece, the chill goes on and on!), we can't wait to wear them again at this time of season!

Personally, I'd like to buy a couple of new tight-neck jumpers and combine them with my sheer shirts underneath. It smells cozy!

H&M just launched some new knitted products, fine-knit, cable-knit, pattern-knit etc for a new closet of yours. They're all beautiful!

Don't forget to check another collection of H&M's, The Highlands, which also includes some beautiful knitted pieces, more playful and less elegant this time, but some pretty checked flannel shirts for your cold, cabin vacation!

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  1. You look stunning Joanna. I love H&M too, haven't been in a while. I must go back soon. http://fashionablyidu.blogspot.com/