H&M Khaki Jumpsuit - What's Going On, Apology

I'm reproducing an article I just read in yahoo.com, about H&M apologizing for a piece of their newly released collection "Autumn Trends", which as said, looks like a kurdish female fighter suit.

This collection is close to military uniforms, only because of the color khaki that masters in. I have no belief that it was the designers' intention to promote or support a war topic, especially now that it is a major topic all over the world. Is it the first time a company launches a full-body jumpsuit, in khaki? It can be combined with many other accessories so as to be in fashion.
H&M’s global press officer, Ida StÃ¥hlnacke, states: 
We are truly sorry if we have offended anyone with this piece, this was of course never our intention. The last seasons we have seen an increasing demand on jumpsuits and therefore we currently offer a selection of jumpsuits in different colors and materials, such as denim blue and deep red. The jumpsuit in question is made in a light and comfortable material and is a part of a larger collection consisting of many garments in khaki green, which also is one of the trendiest colors this season.”

Take a look on another caption from the collection's video with this great garment.

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