Mandatory Choice - Cosmetic Case

Look at this! Don't you need this? I mean, c'mon! You're going on vacation, a small 3-days trip! Don't you need this?

Dotted Hanging Cosmetic Case. By Forever21. This is it. Not only will it hold your personal cosmetics, make-up, jewelry, etc, but it will make you hang it in your closet, next to your garments or on that hanger in the bathroom you didn't know what to hang on!

Isn't it cute? To tell you the truth, I'd prefer it in a more vivid color (still dotted). Either way, its inside is pink and super handy. There are two zippered pockets and a drawstring bag, where, as taking a look at the proportions, they must be pretty comfortable for several small bottles, cases, boxes, vases, etc. Pretty much everything you'd need on a few-days trip or even a trip that lasts longer. Really, women don't need carrying around many things, do they? Do we? Do I?

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