H&M Home - Autumn Fashion '14

If you need a teeny tiny change in your bedroom, bathroom, living room, office, whichever room you prefer, H&M offers a bunch of solutions as it releases some new patterns and style as well as inspiration.

Could it be a cute butterfly cushion on the boring-colored sofa? A fun-patterned bath curtain? It'll make you siiiiing in the bathroom more vividly! And that's only Bohemian Romance.
Rustic Charm: plaid duvet cover set, a deer takes a bath with you, wood pops up everywhere.
Maybe some stylish glass vases, leopard prints and bronze sequins. Modern Luxe.
Or your style is more playful and you need bright colors to show it off and brighten up your mood. That would be Colourful Contrast. An apron with a word print? Chocolate cookies anyone?

Whichever your sentiments are, go make a change, grab an idea off of your mind and make it happen! You'll feel much better, I know!
Whenever I decide to tidy up my room and make a change in order to fit in there, make something look prettier etc, in the end it feels great to know I've done something for today and haven't just lied on bed wishing I had new furniture. I simple touch can make a place look different, depending on how you want it to be. Modern, classic, vintage? You name it, you claim it, you make it happen!

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