H&M - Autumn Trends - New Collection

Another collection for H&M, too autumn-y this time, with these khaki and brownish tones. Sorry I've been writing too much about H&M, but I have always been too excited concerning these stores, meaning I'd love to have every single item from in there. Not only do I love the stylings and pairing, but I love the fact that H&M is a little more sophisticated (and inexpensive at the same time) than any other brand, at least famous brand. Love Zara collections as well, but its prices are a little much higher and the quality is similar I believe. It's only my opinion, I might be wrong!

Anyways, love (of course) the way knitted jumpers are combined with silky materials and that lace is not only about black and red.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJILNLKxo7g Here's the link for the video.

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