Green Fields

I know I wear this bag too much! But bless H&M, right? It's not a shopper bag(which I almost detest) yet it can hold way too much stuff! A bottle of water, my Stradivarious wallet(medium size), keys, cell phone, the case of my sunglasses and maybe many other stuff.

The top is from Lidl. The recent months, Lidl brings a variety of modern clothing, comparing to previous years. And very inexpensive as well! Like this top, along with another one in coral, it costed 5 euros! Not to mention, after a while, some are in discount and you can get them more than 50% off! Only if you manage to get there the moment the market opens up!

Now the skirt. 2 euros, local bazaar.

Kisses, Jo

Cat-eye Sunglasses by Calvin Klein
Top by Lidl
Aztec Printed Bag by H&M Divided
Flat Sandals by Zara

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