H&M 2014 Fall Collection - Stay Warm


Biker jackets, black and white stripes, bouclé coats and many other types of coats; H&M's new collection for this fall makes us crave for fall. I personally can't wait! Summer gives us the chance to dress less and wear airy fabrics we are not that allowed to rock in the winter, but hey, there comes the sweat! Eeeh! That's why I'm looking for fall every time summer tires me.

Back to the collection, H&M succeeds in keeping us interested in fashion. There's always something new. Like those slim-fit pants (oh so cheap!) in many shades and patterns (leopard print?) and this flared coat in dark green with an embroidered pattern (what flower is it?). H&M almost never fails to introduce us to high fashion items, as long as we make the decision to take a few items and make them our own.
Fashion is not something you have to follow too closely. Is it? What do you think?

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