Face The Sun

Hi! OOTD, in a sunny afternoon. It's an older photoshoot me and my friend did. Now it HAS gotten a little chili here in Thessaloniki! Am excited! Though I loved this summer; I had much fun.


Always A Skirt

I insist and keep on and keep on insisting when I speak with women, girls, clients(I do nails FYI); combine colors! Please!
You wear a black skirt with a hint of red and white for example. A red top would suit, yes, but why not try wearing a totally different hue from those? A yellow top maybe? A fuchsia one?

The title is inspired by my love for skirts. I adore skirts! Some women prefer dresses to skirts, just because a dress allows you to wear it and not mind what you have to combine it with. That's the reason I love skirts; I like challenges! And I feel like I'm offered a million choices when I buy skirt! 
Particularly, this one from Stradivarius. So many colors to pair it with! And the blue top is something at first didn't cross my mind along with the skirt. 

PS: I love love love this type of skirts, the buttoned-up! Comfy and cute and necessary for summer!
PS2: I'm still suffering from acne and am on therapy. I had no access to beautifying tool at the moment, so I hope you appreciate my job even so. :)
PS3: I'm not sure if the photo size looks weird or something; I'm still experimenting. Feel free to advise me!

Skirt by Stradivarius
Short Heeled Patent Pleather Sandals by Axel
Canvas Bag by H&M